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I found a sealed forgotten box last evening,
full of our favorite drinking glasses, 
from the times when we were happy.

Each glass a night of romance...
Of future speculations...
From the times when we had time ahead of us.

A champagne glass where your lips had been,
when we returned from lovers walks through the misty
autumn park, where the smoke still curls from
the piles of leaves.

From the time when we didn't need anyone else.
When we were poor, but so rich.
When our fingerprints entwined,
before the leaving...

What to do with the box of glasses now ?

Turning, knocking the box accidentally,
It fell it to the floor.

It's contents smashed...

So that was my answer.

                                        Tadzio Jodlowski
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I am in love
I feel excited:
My deep emotions are stirred.

Im not afraid 
To be invited
Into your own inner world.

I can express 
Myself so fully
As I am free like wind or birds!

This state of mind
Is pleasant truly:
Inviting heartbeats can be heard.

The answer yes
Has been prepared
But lips are closed by your kiss.

The storys simple
Love affair
Which we deserve & wont miss!

                                            Olga Ryazantseva 
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When I stray in the wildness,
Do you look for me?
When I can not move to anywhere,
Can you find out me?

I do not have anyway to find you,
I do not want to walk in the river alone.

Can you hear my little voice?
Where are you now?

                                                Keiko Sato  
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The Weather Girl

portog1.gif A Moa do Tempo

Italy.jpg (930 byte) La ragazza del tempo

Fata vremii


A long time ago

I wanted to be the weather girl on tv

To talk few minutes

And have all day long just for me.

To be all the time so beautiful and perfect

But Nothing is that simple

I don't have time for anything else

I just don't know what happened

But the more astonishing thing, now I see

Is the fact that

The weather girl

Now is me.

                                         Greta Benitez WB01345_.gif (616 byte)RETURN






SPAIN.jpg AMO...

Italy.jpg (930 byte) AMO...


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I love

the fear

that is always

behind me.

I love

the stars

even if

they don't gaze at me.

I love

whoever turns,



ceaselessly turns.

I love

the nectar

of the flowers

just like the bee

or other insect.

I love

the seed

which gives fruit.

I love

whoever is near me

and whoever is far away.

But more than anything,

I love

whoever loves me.


                                  Andrea Leonardi WB01345_.gif (616 byte)RETURN

                           ( Translated by Virgil Gelormino)









Let's put our cards upon the table.

I have offered you my heart

in order to give you happiness.

I have spoken thousands of words to you;

I have offered you thousands of caresses;

My eyes have searched desperately for your gaze;

My body has desired on many occasions

to brush against yours;

I have desired to implant you in my inner life;

I have struggled to be your pride.

What have you done?-

well, as much as I or perhaps more!

Since all your being is at my disposition,

all your body has been mine,

and you tell me that you will only be mine,

that no other person shall caress you.

You have told me thousands of times

that I am your king,

that your heart is the throne

of this crazy dreamer.

You have shown so much love:

with gazes, with caresses, with words and with deeds.

I have placed my life at your disposal.

You have not hidden anything from me.

You have opened up your inner life to me

so that I can see what love means.

You have made me dream and really sing.

Who has done more?

Perhaps that we shall never know,

since you and I are sweethearts

who have surrendered to love,

no matter the problems.

I believe you and I have striven

equally in our relationship,

since we both have brought to it a loving heart.

Let us struggle to make our love triumph

to continue to eternity.

Love, let's put our cards on the table.

I want you to know

that I truly love you.


                 Roberto Gonzalez Salcido WB01345_.gif (616 byte)RETURN

                 ( Translated by Virgil Gelormino )







I am so lonesome,God

And I'm oblique,

A misplaced tree beyond a mine field,

With bitter fruit

And thorny leaves,

Demanding you to watch me.

Once in a while I wake up

And fear no more

For the bludgeon

Of Hope's brittle wing

My thought has touched

And cured me.

I know I'm selfish,

But your child,

Made after Father's figure

And I expect

Maybe too much;

But don't forget

I spoke to you

And nights I spent to wonder

Through miracles and misbelieves

And I occasionally called you


                                          Erica WB01345_.gif (616 byte)RETURN







The sound of you breathing softly

combined with the warmth of your skin

The feel of your lips under my fingertips

as I trace the outline of your mouth

Soft kisses and slow smiles in the morning

These are my thoughts at dawn

Then the feeling in the words you send me

and the sound of your voice on the phone

I can feel how your day is going my love

you don`t need to tell me - I know

I wait for the time we`re together and I know how it will be

perfect intimacy

I`ve never experienced such closness and never felt anyone so much

The whispers, kisses and touches, the smiles, the laughter

and sometimes the tears - some happy and some sad

Just the joy of being with you - The words on our lips are the same

I feel your emotions so deeply and I know you feel mine too in this way

Ti amo ***, tanto ...

these are my thoughts throughout the day

                                               Karen D. Goode WB01345_.gif (616 byte)RETURN






portog1.gif SENTIMENTOS

FRANCE.jpg (953 byte) SENTIMENT


Hit the stone

And try to listen to its voice

Feel if it exists any feeling

Hit the rose and feel its tears.

Pave your road

Try to walk afterwards.

Put your foot on the pavement

And feel if it burns you, your memory.

Hit your horse,

And feel if it obeys you.

Look up the moon and remember its face

Feel if it sees you,

Feel that it wants you.

Take a bath in the stream

And feel if it snuggles you,

Feel if the water is sweet

Feel if please you the flowers in the border

Run your hand in the watercourse

And try to see the bubbles

Run your hand in your chest

Feel if your heart beats

Feel if you are alive

Feel if you may continuou here

And never change your way

Even though you never do what I ask you:

"Amami per favore,

Prima che io muoia......."

                                      Tania Regina Cardoso WB01345_.gif (616 byte)RETURN






Italy.jpg (930 byte) SORELLA

We were born together,
but I don't know you faceless sister.

Behind my back
follow my footsteps
watch over my life.

Though you have many times
knocked intently at my door,
I have never opened it for you.

You once remained a long time
at my bedside;
But upon reawakening
from the drugging effect
I did not find you.

Mid the screeching of brakes
and blood and screems,
when I thought
without regret and fear:
it is finished,
you were there.
But you let others pick me up
from the asphalt.

When night and trouble
pierce my breast
rise to my throat,
I'll resignedly wait for you,
while you, mockingly,
play hide-go-seek
with my heart,
in order to grant me later
the light of a new morning,
when you will come for me,
and for me alone.

May your step be light
your touch be gentle.

I will cast off
my wrinkled shell
sterile dreams.
I will be young and beautiful.

Lightly I will reach out to you
for you to lead me to eternity.

                      Thea Bozzola
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                                                                     ( Translated by Virgil Gelormino)




 Italy.jpg (930 byte) CORNICE

portog1.gif MOLDURA


An empty picture frame

was meant to embellish the mantle

of a burning fireplace.


The crackle of the fire,

the odor of the wood and resin,

the warmth,

to break the chill in the room.


The brightness and calmness

in your raven black eyes-


Now in the picture frame,

there is a photograph,

and next to it, some flowers.


The blackened fireplace

is extinguished


cold air is once again master.


             Sonia Quintavalla WB01345_.gif (616 byte)RETURN

          (Translated by Virgil Gelormino)